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Free half hour consultation

Contact us for a free half hour consultation regarding your path
of personal and spiritual transformation and how we can be of service.


Services & Healings

Jikiden Reiki Healing $90/hr - $130/session
Life Activation / tune-up
Life Activation with full Energy balancing - Special
Includes: 1st time Life Activation, Core Axis Balance,
Magnetic/Etheric  and Chakra Balancing and Negative Crystal removal
Telepathic Healing (Long Distance) Free
Crystal Healing $45 
Cord Cutting & negative Energy (Spell) Removal  $150 
House Clearing 
House Protection & Gridding  $120/hr plus materials

Circles, Rituals & Coaching

Intenders Circle 
Shamanic Circle 
By Donation
Sanskrit Chanting & Meditation
By Donation
Puja & Chanting 
by request
Gentle Yoga (1.25 hours) Groups


Classes, Workshops & Programs

Finding your Soul Mission
Spiritual Intuition Series - Awakening Intuition
Spiritual Intuition Series - Connecting to the Divine
Spiritual Intuition
Series - Sanctuary Meditation
Spiritual Intuition Series - Spiritual Empowerment & Initiation
Protection & Boundaries
Sacred Geometry I 
Sacred Geometry II. Part 1 Crystal Magic - Healing & Reading
$215 incl. Crystals
Sacred Geometry II. Part 2 Advanced Gridding
Crystal Magick Class - Healing with Crystals
$115 incl. Crystals
Metaphysical Intensive 2 Day Program includes:
Sp. Intuition I., Sac. Geometry 1, Sanctuary Meditation, Astral Travel
Spiritual Hierarchy Series - Angels & Archangels
Spiritual Hierarchy Series - The Ascended Masters 
Spiritual Hierarchy Series - The Hierarchy of Light
Astral Travel 
Pendulums 101 $65
Dragon Magick I. and Part II. $80 ea.
The Chakras - with Meditations, Asanas & Sanskrit Chanting   $85
Path of Progression Course (all classes & coaching)
Please contact
Spiritual (Vibrance) Coaching  $75/hr
Love* offerings - Energy Exchange $5 as Donation min.  

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