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Relationship Coaching

Relationship.01Do any of these relationship issues look familiar to you?
  • You keep going from one unsatisfying relationship to another and have not been able to find your true mate.
  • You are in an "ok" relationship but you secretly long for more.
  • You and your partner argue and fight about the same old issues.
  • The passion has gone out of your relationship.
  • You have given up on the idea of finding true love.

Relationships are the ideal grounds to grow and learn. If you are stuck in a relationship conflict or breakdown, Relationship Coaching can teach you how to spot your recurring troublesome habits and shift to a whole new way of approaching problems. You will learn to communicate what you want clearly and without drama, re-connect with your partner or loved ones, and master the art of attracting the people you want in your life.

Devi Parvati Dombkowski is a certified Body-Mind-Vibrance Coach and graduate of the Leadership and Transformation Program with the internationally known Hendricks Institute and its renowned teachers and authors Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, PhD's.

Get "unstuck", call for detailed information and appointment now.

For more information about the Hendricks Institute and the type of programs and coaching that Devi offers, click here.

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