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Long Distance Energy Healing


Long Distance Energy Healing

Long Distance Energy Healing is based on principles of healing handed down from the Great Brotherhood of Light. It is the same Christly healing energy that the Master Jesus used to heal individuals and groups during his mission on earth two thousand years ago.

How Does Long Distance Healing Work?

Long Distance Healing is directed to you using visualization. The practitioner concentrates the healing energy on either the etheric or astral bodies of the patient, while the patient is resting or sitting quietly. Often the treatment requires that both the etheric and astral bodies be treated together. The resolution of dis-ease in these two bodies results in a healing in the physical body.

Long Distance Healing can also be applied to conditions in business, home and environment and can work in conjunction with energy clearing.

Long Distance Healing works best when the patient is sitting quiet or resting. This way the conscious mind is less able to pose obstacles to the incoming healing energies. The practitioner and client will arrange a specific time that works for both of them.

It is important to give our practitioners regular feedback. In this way, our practitioners can adjust the treatment or take other steps that may be deemed necessary.

Long Distance Healing is for All

It does not matter where you are located in the world. Distance and borders pose no obstacles to its effectiveness.

Contact us if you would like a Long Distance Healing. There is no charge for this service.

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