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What is a Mystery School?

Welcome to the Ultimate Mystery called LIFE!

Picture.7a.2When we were born we did not receive training or knowledge about who we are, or where we are, nor did we get initiated into life as they did in the old days in every tribe on this planet. The ancient Initiations are lost to us except for some remnants of ancient times that still exist in dogmatic form within religion. The Mystery Schools throughout time have kept these traditions alive - and safe - from the machinery of time that pushes us forward. As people sped up they forgot the old ways. The Mystery School is here to bring this information back to light!

Since ancient times, Mystery Schools have existed across the globe for those who feel called to walk a life path of true knowledge, understanding and wisdom that integrates the seen and unseen worlds. Mystery School teachings inspire the soul, train the mind, and hand down tools of empowerment that can be applied toward practical success and fulfillment in life. Traditionally, mystery school teachings have helped people gain understanding, achieve wisdom, and strengthen inner guidance. The training they offer helps to clear limiting physical energies and enhance spiritual direction towards a more purposeful existence.

Mystery Schools have been likened to universities for the soul, where the curriculum focuses on awakening and developing our highest potential, and on attaining divine awareness. Beyond merely teaching, the mystery schools help students refine conscious potential, build focus, and activate their innate powers through a series of initiations, ceremonies, and sacred meditations. The purpose of the Mystery Tradition is the conscious realization of one's True Self and the connection to others, both physically and spiritually. With this expanded awareness comes the power to bridge spiritual energies into the physical world for healing and transformation, at a personal and planetary level. Ultimately the Mystery School is about true service, which we know is the way back to God/Goddess.

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